Podcast: The Complete Ohio State Season Preview

By October 16, 2020 (10:01 am)Football

It’s a super-sized episode of the Buckeye Sports Bulletin Podcast this week, topping out just under the two hour mark to give the season preview as much content and attention as it could possibly deserve.

Before the preview, Patrick and Wyatt opine on Columbus pizza (shout out to Brenz, not a sponsor but still very tasty), the Block 0 jersey, the AP poll, black stripes and a 21.5-point line in favor of the Buckeyes against Nebraska.

Then, it’s a full house for the season preview, featuring Patrick, Wyatt, Joe Dempsey and Andrew Lind to break down every single position on the team and share takes on where the Buckeyes stand entering the season. The preview starts right before the 16-minute mark of the show.

After an hour-long preview, Patrick and Wyatt secede again to talk NFL, the 4-1 Browns (!!!!) and what to watch for this weekend in the league, before getting way too sentimental about the Sun Belt, the only pure and enjoyable conference in college football. To call the back half of this episode an Ohio State show in name only may be generous. An OSSINO.

The show closes with another Bucks Box, easily the toughest of the bunch so far. Which can be viewed below for those of you on buckeyesports.com, and can be viewed on buckeyesports.com for those of you on a podcast app.

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