Podcast: Rutgers Recap

By November 9, 2020 (9:00 am)Football

It’s another recap podcast, this time for Ohio State’s wild 49-27 win over Rutgers. After a quick hit on Blake Haubeil missing the game with an injury, we jump right into yet another obscene Justin Fields performance, his growing connection with Garrett Wilson and the sheer dominance of this passing attack.

It’s not all positive for the Buckeye offense, though. We break down the run game issues and propose a potential solution in the form of a personnel change.

Defensively, this episode is a bit of a “step back from the ledge” moment. We break down the struggles of the second hand and some of Kerry Coombs’ bizarre schematic choices, but we also take a look at Rutgers’ less-than-great first half performance, and why it may be more instructive than the second half for judging this group.

Lastly in the Ohio State world, we hand out Buckeye leaves and break down the box score, before moving over the the college football world at large.

There, it’s time for a Big Ten power rankings list and an impassioned plea for Cincinnati or BYU to get into the playoff.

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