Podcast: Picking The Over/Under For OSU Stats

By October 9, 2020 (10:00 am)Football

While it’s still not season preview time for the Buckeye Sports Bulletin Podcast quite yet (next week!), there is still plenty of Ohio State football to predict and to talk about, just over two weeks out from game one against Nebraska.

To do that, Patrick and Wyatt took a look this week at some in-house over/under (read: set by us) lines for individual statistic performances from some of the top Buckeyes this season, along with a few national lines that could play a role in the playoff race. The entire list of questions and picks is included below for the sake of posterity (and to go back and laugh at in January).

Over/under stat picks

  • Justin Fields: O/U 3,000 passing yards, 450 rushing yards, 35 passing TDs, 8 rushing TDs Patrick: O/O/O/U Wyatt: O/U/O/O
  • Master Teague: O/U 800 rushing yards P: U W: U
  • Trey Sermon: O/U 800 rushing yards P: U W: O
  • Wide receivers: O/U 0.5 1,000 yard receivers P: O W: U
    • Freshmen WRs: O/U 0.5 500 yards P: U W: O
  • Chris Olave: O/U 9.5 TDs P: O W: O
  • Thayer Munford: O/U 7.5 starts P: O W: O
  • Wyatt Davis: O/U 15th pick in the 2021 NFL draft P: O W: O, as in picked before 15th
  • Zach Harrison: O/U 7.5 sacks P: U W: U
  • Pete Werner: O/U 60 tackles P: U W: O
  • Sevyn Banks: O/U 2.5 INTs P: O W: U
  • Josh Proctor: O/U 3.5 INTs P: U W: U
  • Blake Haubeil: O/U 55-yard long P: O W: O 
  • Special teams touchdowns: O/U 0.5 P: O W: O

A few around the country

  • Number of playoff teams from a single conference: O/U 1.5 P: O W: O
  • Starting quarterbacks on the season for Georgia: O/U: 2.5 P: O W: U
  • Losses for the winner of the Big 12: O/U 2 P: O W: Push
  • Margin of victory for Clemson against Miami: O/U 14 P: U W: U
  • Highest ranked Pac-12 team in the final playoff rankings: O/U 6.5 P: U W: O (6 or higher)
  • Highest ranked G5 team in the final playoff rankings: O/U 12.5 (Bonus: team?) P: O, Cincy  W: O (12 or higher), Cincy

After the over/under picks, a quick talk about Dwayne Haskins, a look around the college football world, and then another tricky Bucks Box, that you can play along with at home as you listen to the show. Bucks Box starts right near the end of the episode, with about 10 minutes remaining.

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