Ohio State’s DJ Carton Receives Support From Kevin Love Among Others

By January 31, 2020 (4:30 pm)Basketball

Ohio State freshman guard DJ Carton clarified why he would be stepping away from the men’s basketball team in a Twitter post on Thursday night.

Since Carton openly brought to light his struggles with mental health, an outpouring of support has been shown from players, coaches and media members around the game of basketball.

“I have been suffering with mental health issues for a couple years,” Carton wrote in the post. “I have been through a lot. I’m disappointed to say I’m not 100 percent right now. I am not doing my teammates justice if I don’t work on this now.

“I am doing everything in my power to strengthen my mental health. I will fight for my team and Buckeye Nation and I will come back stronger!

“If you are going through mental health issues, I have learned through this you are loved and valued.”

First, Ohio State head coach Chris Holtmann released a statement regarding the standout freshman point guard.

“DJ remains a valued member of our program and we will continue to love and support him,” Holtmann said in a statement. “Please respect the family’s privacy in this matter.”

Holtmann’s support was expected as he has become known for extending his guidance and care for his players beyond the hardwood.

What was not necessarily expected was the immense amount of support shown to Carton on social media from players, coaches and others involved in the game.

Among those who reached out was Cleveland Cavaliers star Kevin Love, who publicly became a face of the mental health movement with his Player’s Tribune article “Everyone Is Going Through Something,” where he openly discussed his battles with anxiety.

“So much love and respect for you DJ,” Love wrote. “You’re going to come back stronger than ever. Don’t hesitate to reach out. I’m right up the road.”

Indiana head coach Archie Miller, who recruited Carton as a prepster, expressed his support for the talented floor general at his press conference ahead of the Buckeyes’ Saturday matchup with the Hoosiers.

Beyond players and coaches, national sports writers were also moved by Carton’s message. College basketball writers Seth Davis and Gary Parrish not only showed their support for Carton but also applauded his forthrightness.

“So appreciative that DJ Carton is openly talking about his struggles with mental health,” Davis wrote. “There should be no stigma and no shame. Hope this is the beginning of turning it around.”

“DJ Carton is a reminder that none of us are immune from mental-health issues,” Parrish wrote.  “Grammy winners struggle just like 5-star prospects struggle just like folks you’ve never heard of struggle. I admire anybody who is willing to acknowledge as much, step away and get help.”

Mental health issues are serious and should be taken seriously.

You never know when someone might be going through something, and like Love said, everyone is going through something, so it’s imperative to remember we’re all human.

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