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Ohio State Wide Receivers Coach Brian Hartline Discusses Promising Young Corps

By September 29, 2020 (1:45 pm)Football

Ohio State wide receivers coach Brian Hartline spoke to members of the media about his promising young position group via Zoom call on Tuesday, Sept. 29.

  • We’re multiple, versatile. At the end of the day, we want to get the best players on the field. We feel well about how the guys have improved.

Jameson Williams?

  • He’s a year older. He has the opportunity to build more work and build a portfolio over time. He would tell you he has a way to go, but I think that’s a good thing. He’s trained well and his academics are coming up.
  • Developing as a route runner, developing a mindset of becoming a better receiver. He’s learning to become good even if he didn’t have his speed. He loves the contact piece. Organizing stuff off the field has helped him on the field too.

Freshman wide receivers?

  • There are multiple conversations. Whenever guys are out there playing, it’s not always all about what I think, it’s also up to Coach Ryan Day and Coach Kevin Wilson. At the end of the day, film doesn’t lie. Guys who earn it will play more.
  • The biggest thing I try to have conversations with the guys is that it’s OK to share goals, but don’t share paths. We’ve spent a lot of time on Zoom and we’ve tried to capitalize and do our best.

Z position?

  • I have no issues moving anybody to any position if it gets the best guys on the field. We’re always trying to be at least two-deep if not more. I’d argue we’re closer to three-deep than ever.

Kam Babb?

  • Kam Babb is a special individual. Anytime he’s around the team, he’s going to bring a dynamic that’s special. He’s a great football player and an even better young man. It’s great to see him out there, and I’m excited to see what his future holds.

Hitting in practice?

  • I’m sick of all this basketball BS on the field. Once we put the pads on, it actually becomes football. We’re looking forward to that.
  • I think we’ll have a good amount of contact and we will build it up more. The best team is the one that blocks the best and tackles the best. Very excited to put the pads on.

Chris Olave?

  • Chris was always on the side of being a Buckeye and graduating. His ability and desire to get his degree was not emphasized more than down in Arizona. His growth has been phenomenal. As a person, I love coaching him. His biggest growth has been leadership in the room.

Demario McCall?

  • I think Coach Day always has a great plan when it comes to guys with versatile skillsets. How he takes advantages of mismatches week-to-week will be important.

Garrett Wilson in slot?

  • He’s done a pretty good job. His ability to continue to grow has been important. At the end of the day, we have limited time. He’s done a good job. The more time the better, but I think he’s done a good job.  Lot of nuances inside at slot, but he’s done a good job.
  • Having a guy that’s very dynamic in the inside is very important. A guy that’s very smart, too, and can work in space and maneuver around linebackers. How are you going to defend him?

Jaxon Smith-Njigba?

  • The biggest thing we’re looking for for guys to get on the field is consistency. Those we can trust to do their jobs. When you don’t get the ball, are you doing your job? Can you help in the run game? How do you play your role on special teams All of these things will be important. The guys who are the most consistent will be on the field.

Mookie Cooper?

  • Mookie is much further along than I frankly, anticipated. He missed his senior year and he did play a lot of running back in high school, and his natural ability to play receiver is impressive. He does things you can’t even coach. And if he doesn’t do something quite right, we’ll correct it, and he’ll go back out and do it exactly right.

Increased opportunity in slot?

  • I think everything went into it. I think the slot is a good fit for dynamic players, and I view Garrett as a dynamic player. That position is developing more and more into a wide receiver and is less of a hybrid thing.

High standard in WR room?

  • You’re teaching guys at different levels, but at the end of the day, if we hold a high standard, these guys raise their level. We’ll never apologize for holding a high standard. We do a great job as working as a family and as a group.
  • If I want to make more money, I want to hang out with people who make more money than me. If I want to be smarter, I want to hangout with people who are smarter than me. If I wanted to be the best receiver I can be, I want to surround myself with the best receivers.

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