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Ohio State Head Coach Ryan Day Previews Top 10 Showdown With Indiana

By November 19, 2020 (1:00 pm)Football

Ohio State head coach Ryan Day spoke to members of the media via Zoom call about the Buckeyes’ upcoming matchup with Indiana on Nov. 21. 

What follows is a bullet-point rundown paraphrasing what Day had to say during Thursday’s lightning round:

  • No families in stands?
  • It’s one more thing that we’re going to have to handle. It’s not been easy. It’s going to be an empty stadium, and we’re going to have to bring our own energy. When you’re on the field and you’re rolling, you just have to focus on your own game. This is just more adversity that we have to handle better than our opponents. 
  • Culture?
  • The type of people that you bring in. Everybody really cares about each other. That’s a huge part of it and that’s the backbone. And it’s the work ethic that thee guys have and the hard work they put in during the offseason with Coach Mick. Everyone is pushing each other to get better. To see these guys persevere, I’ve been very proud of them, and they will benefit from it in the long run.
  • Young DBs?
  • You try to see in practice, and the more they play better in practice, the more you can see them doing in the game. In practice, you’re going against really guys on both sides of the ball. 
  • Watching opposing QBs?
  • When we have carry-over and we’re able to watch each other, you have a good feeling of what other teams are trying to do and how they attack defenses. 
  • 57 practices for only three games?
  • After all that work, you don’t get the excitement from the crowd when you do something well. We had a great week of practice with great energy and the guys are dying to play. 
  • So much experience with adversity?
  • I think it’s going to really help them down the road. There have been so many life lessons that have happened since March about perseverance, pain, and overcoming obstacles. When something happens down the line, they will handle it well. It’s been tough, but I know that we’re going to be stronger coming out of it. 
  • Lejond Cavazos? 
  • He can help. How many plays? That’s up to him. How much can he help? I’m hoping he will continue to get opportunities to get out there and get his feet wet. 
  • Justin Fields as a runner? 
  • I think he’s very good, he’s strong, he’s powerful. His movement in the pocket has been good. He isn’t panicking in the pocket and keeping his eyes downfield. 
  • Nicholas Petit-Frere?
  • Nick’s been playing really well. He’s worked really hard on his body and so far he’s performed.
  • Blake Haubeil? 
  • I’m not sure if he’ll be ready, and if not, it will be Jake Seibert. 
  • Lack of home-field advantage? 
  • I think it’s a real thing, whether it’s snap counts or third downs. 
  • I go for a run or walk during that time when we do testing. It’s nerve-wracking, especially when you get closer to the game.

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