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Ohio State Leads Nation In Revenue, Expenses For 2022 Fiscal Year

By June 15, 2023 (10:47 am)Football

According to a report by USA Today, Ohio State led all collegiate programs in both revenue and expenses during the 2022 fiscal year.

The athletic department reported $251,615,345 in revenue and $225,733,418 in expenses, with the revenue total establishing a new record for Ohio State’s athletic department.

Other programs with the highest reported revenue were Texas ($239,290,648), Alabama ($214,365,357), Michigan ($210,652,287) and Georgia ($203,048,566), which rounded out the top five. For Ohio State, the revenue total included $62,982,851 in contributions, $59,649,921 in ticket sales, $48,908,898 in media rights and $30,088,073 in royalties, licensing, advertisements and sponsorships.

As for the programs with the highest expenses, that group was made up of largely the same schools, including Texas ($225,153,011), Alabama ($195,881,911), Michigan ($193,559,375) and LSU ($192,770,399).

Ohio State’s expenses included $42,240,992 in coaching compensation, $39,514,342 in support staff compensation, $28,900,288 in direct overhead and administrative costs, $24,564,657 in athletics student aid, $19,128,187 in athletic facilities debt, leases and fees, $11,823,427 in payments made to visiting opponents, $10,545,312 in team travel expenses, $6,963,625 for in-game expenses and $3,384,022 in recruiting expenses.

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