BSB TV: Ohio State’s Landers, Cornell, Prince, Farrell, Berry Preview Minnesota

By October 11, 2018 (11:44 am)Football

Junior defensive tackle Robert Landers, junior defensive end Jashon Cornell, senior right tackle Isaiah Prince, sophomore tight end Luke Farrell and junior tight end Rashod Berry spoke to the media after practice Wednesday at the Woody Hayes Athletic Center as Ohio State closed in on Minnesota.

Prior to Saturday’s noon kickoff on Fox Sports 1 from Ohio Stadium, the five players provided midseason assessments and previewed the latest Big Ten tilt as the No. 3 Buckeyes (6-0, 3-0) get set for the Golden Gophers (3-2, 0-2).

Robert Landers

On how frustrating the injuries he and others at his position group have had…

“It’s not so much as frustrating as it is one of those things where it’s the next man up. Getting a little banged up here and there is a part of the game, so that’s why we all prepare the exact same way. We take the amount of reps that we take what we do seriously. So it’s time to work on your craft on a day-to-day basis, we try to enhance it as much as we can so when someone does go down or get hurt, (whatever) the situation, next guy’s ready to play.”

Jashon Cornell

On how the defensive line has aimed to replace junior defensive end Nick Bosa

“It’s Nick Bosa. No one can replace Nick. The rotation, pretty much, we learned in the D-line room, once one man goes down, it’s two men that have to step up and pick the production of that one man. It doesn’t matter who it is in the D-line room because every man’s production, as we work as a D-line, one man’s production can equal two man’s production. So once that one man goes down, those two people have to step up and pick up for him.”

Isaiah Prince

On why the lack of production in the game with running backs J.K. Dobbins and Mike Weber

“I think the run game can definitely use some work. You’re never perfect. There’s always things we can improve on. But it is hard to run the block. I think a lot of defenses (are) worried about (junior) Mike and (sophomore) J.K. as two dynamic runners, so they usually load the box against us, a lot of times running the ball. That’s why we’ve been throwing the ball a little bit more, but it could definitely use some work.”

Luke Farrell

On what he feels like his strengths were to earn the starting role at tight end…

“I think I’ve proven myself blocking and pass pro(tection) in the interior and everything. I made a big leap my freshman spring and that following fall. I thought I did a lot to make my name there.”

Rashod Berry

On how he feels about his role in the offense at tight end now…

“I came in as a tight end and moved to defense (at defensive end) and came back to offense. I just feel like everything is for a reason. God has God’s plan, just put me back here for a reason and I finally noticed it, found my role to help the team and now I’m finally playing to help the team this year.”

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