Ryan Day Open To Moving Ohio State-Michigan To Earlier In The Season

Ohio State head coach Ryan Day said Wednesday at Big Ten Media Days that the idea of moving Ohio State-Michigan to earlier in the season is something that is “worth a conversation.”

The idea of moving the annual rivalry game from the end of the regular season – where it has been played every season (with the exception of 2020) dating back to 1942 – was brought up considering the possibility that, under the Big Ten’s new scheduling format beginning in 2024, the teams might play in back-to-back weeks should Ohio State and Michigan play in the final week of the regular season and again in the Big Ten Championship Game.

“I know that we need to consider the tradition,” Day said, “but I think it’s worth a conversation on when because I think that’s significant just on how the season plays out.

“I think it’s worth a long discussion about where that game should be placed,” he continued. “If it was the same way it was this past year, we’d be playing back-to-back games and then who knows, maybe even playing again in the playoffs. I think that needs to be taken into consideration.”

Day said that while he would not predict that playing in back-to-back weeks would have an impact on the field, as it would already mean that both teams are in the conference title game – not to mention a potential playoff berth once the field expands to 12 teams in 2024 – but did question whether playing in back-to-back weeks could minimize the impact of The Game.

“Even if you played it Week 11, Week 10, no matter what, it’s going to matter,” he said. “But if you know you’re playing them in the Big Ten Championship Game already, it could be something we haven’t experienced before. I think it’s worth a discussion.”

Those discussions, according to Day, have already started taking place, as he said those in Big Ten leadership have already broached conversations about moving Ohio State-Michigan from the end of the regular season to somewhere else on the schedule. While Day did not endorse the idea of moving The Game, he did add that once those conversations ramp up, he would like to voice his opinion.

“I know that they’re talking about it. I just don’t think that any hard decisions have been made,” Day said. “I don’t think they’re going to be made here real soon,” Day said. “I just want to be part of those conversations.”