Ryan Day Discusses Early Signing Day, 2019 Recruiting Class

Incoming head coach Ryan Day met with the media Wednesday at the Woody Hayes Athletic Center to discuss Ohio State’s incoming 2019 recruiting class after the early signing period.

What follows are the main takeaways from Day’s appearance in front of the media.

Day Notes:

  • “As of right now, we have signed 14 players,” Day said. “I think this class would rate top-five nationally…when you look at the quality of the player.”
  • Said when he thinks of the 2019 class, he thinks of loyalty.
  • “It has been a long process,” Day said of recruiting Zach Harrison. Added that there was a long in-home visit a week ago where the direction of the program was discussed with the transition at head coach.
  • “The connection that Larry (Johnson) had with the family was very important,” Day said of Harrison’s recruitment.
  • “It has been a whirlwind,” Day said of his last three weeks where he has coached in a Big Ten title game, been named head coach and put together a recruiting class.
  • “We want to make sure in the next class that is a huge emphasis as well,” Day said when discussing recruiting Ohio.
  • On losing Dwan Mathis: “It is hard to get two or three guys in the game. We always want to have four (quarterbacks) on the roster. Once Dwayne (Haskins) makes his decision, we will go from there.”
  • “We are going to keep working through January and once the number moves, we will adjust from there,” Day said of adjusting with players declaring for the NFL and filling roster spots with recruits in the 2019 class.
  • On grad transfers: “We will always look at all the options.”
  • Day said most families had questions about Urban Meyer’s departure. Said his pitch is that the structure of the program is intact.
  • Called Garrett Wilson, “As talented a guy as I have ever been around.” Added Wilson could play Div. 1 basketball if he wanted to.
  • Day said he has talked with Chris Holtmann about taking over as a head coach at Ohio State. Both taking over for legends in their respective sports.
  • On landing Zach Harrison: “That was a big get for us. That was one we had to win.”
  • “These kids stuck with us, and we are not going to forget that,” Day said of the signees Ohio State has after everything that has happened from August to now.
  • “We are hoping Mike (Jordan) stays,” Day said discussing Ohio State’s center. The Buckeyes are thin on the offensive line and Day added that recruiting the offensive front will be critical in the 2020 class.
  • “The interest level is at an all-time high,” Day said when recruiting offensive skill players.
  • Still doesn’t have an update on Brian Snead. Snead hasn’t dressed for a game at Ohio State since Week 2.
  • “The No. 1 thing that we have to do as a staff is recruit.” Day said. Recruiting is the top trait he plans to keep in mind as his coaching staff comes together for 2019.
  • Said the No. 1 thing he looks for in quarterbacks is some extraordinary trait. Said both J.T. Barrett and Dwayne Haskins each had their own individual trait.
  • “Ive got the ultimate respect for Mark (Pantoni) I think he is the best in the business,” Day said. Day retained Pantoni on his staff.