Podcast: Mailbag! Featuring Tate, Trades And More

With Ohio State off this weekend following the cancelation of its Nov. 14 matchup with Maryland, it felt like as good a time as any to open things up to the listeners and take some questions.

And boy, did you all deliver. After a quick chat about the cancelation, women’s basketball and the AP poll, we jumped right into questions, opening with Wyatt’s complete ranking of Tate Martell’s top 10 players as a Buckeyes.

Then, some hypothetical CFB trades, Ohio State’s playoff chances if it loses more games to cancelation, whether there will be a playoff at all, and some men’s basketball discussion about Ohio State’s starting lineup and general outlook for the season. Lastly, Wyatt absolutely refuses to pick a new color scheme for Ohio State (I, on the other hand, went with black and gold, with a hint of red).

To wrap the show, we jump through CFB quickly, complain about an awful slate and then pick Big Ten games against the spread.

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