Devin Brown Honoring Sammy Baugh With Number Change

When Ohio State took the field for the Buckeyes’ first spring practice on Tuesday, there was a notable change among the quarterbacks going through workouts.

It wasn’t the absence of C.J. Stroud or the addition of Tristan Gebbia (though both notable), but a new look for quarterback Devin Brown, boasting the No. 33 on his jersey rather than the No. 15 he wore during his true freshman season.

The now redshirt freshman, looking to compete with Kyle McCord for the starting job entering this season, said he changed his number to honor quarterback Sammy Baugh, who also wore No. 33.

“He was the first quarterback inducted into the (Pro Football) Hall of Fame in 1963 with the Washington Football Team, so he’s a legend,” Brown said Tuesday. “That’s the original quarterback number, in my opinion. I want to rock the original quarterback number.

“My Dad has always talked about it,” Brown continued. “I put it on when I was 7 years old and had never taken it off until high school.”

Ohio State head coach Ryan Day said he cautioned Brown that the number would make him stand out, but that Brown was alright with some added attention as he prepares to wear the number this season.

“He’s never shied away from competition and never shied away from grabbing onto something,” Day said. “This is something he feels strongly about. He’s going to blaze his own path with that number, and good for him. When you think about his recruitment and everything that went on, he’s not a guy that shies away from things, so I have no problem with it.”